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At this time, who doesn’t know actor Lee Min-ho & actress Park Min-young? The two are among muốn South Korea’s finest actors and have been around the industry for a long time. You might know them as individuals, but bởi vì you know that they used to lớn date? On top of that, they dated after appearing as a couple in a drama together!

If you don’t know yet, you’re lucky because we’re about to tell you all the juicy details regarding their relationship. Scroll down this article to find out all about it!

A Brief History of Lee Min-ho & Park Min-young’s Relationship


When Lee Min-ho & Park Min-young were announced khổng lồ be starring in a drama together, many people couldn’t hold their excitement. After all, the two were South Korean rising stars at that time. Even though the two acted together in the 2007 drama I Am Sam, it would be the first time the two appeared in a public broadcast drama, & as a couple on top of that.

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They ended up playing in SBS’s drama City Hunter (2011). The drama was so successful that it was even famous in Europe. But, it turned out that the success of this drama was not only for its ratings and awards. The drama also brought together its main stars.

As you guessed, City Hunter brought together Park Min-young and Lee Min-ho.


It was Dispatch (not a surprise) that first reported the drama couple dating in real life. In August 2011, the media outlet released pictures of their date & said that they’ve been dating for a month after the end of City Hunter. They said that both Lee Min-ho và Park Min-young caught each other’s attention when filming the show và immediately dated after the show ended.

After the rumor was out, both Lee Min-ho & Park Min-young’s agencies responded confirming their relationship right away.

Lee Min-ho’s agency, Starhaus, told Dispatch, “They started lớn have good feelings toward each other through City Hunter. It seems lượt thích they’re at a stage of getting to lớn know each other right now, but I’m not sure how much those feelings developed so far.”

Park Min-young’s agency, King Kong Entertainment, responded, “It is true the two have good, mutual feelings for each other. I think she’s (Park Min Young) trying lớn get khổng lồ know the human-side of Lee Min Ho, not the actor Lee Min Ho. But, you always have to be careful with these relationships, và the agency doesn’t know everything about the celebrity’s private life.”

Another source that was cthất bại with the two also revealed that they started developing feelings after intense filming of City Hunter.

“Lee Min Ho và Park Min Young tried khổng lồ avoid making their relationship public. So, they tried to lớn be careful whenever they met. But, their personalities wouldn’t allow for a secret date at trang chính. When they met at a public space, like a restaurant or bar, they would always bring a mutual friend,” the source revealed. “Because their respective sầu roles in the drama were so important, they had a lot of long-hour filming sessions, often overnight. As they worked together for long hours, I think they started to learn more about each other more,” he added.

Along with the report, Dispatch also released the photos of their date at a coffee cửa hàng và bar in the Chung Dam area, Seoul. The photos were said to lớn be taken around 1 khổng lồ two weeks after both actors came back from their overseas schedules.

And, this is how the South Korean couple was born.

Lee Min-ho & Park Min-young’s On-Screen Moments


Now, as we know, Lee Min-ho & Park Min-young started developing feelings after the filming of City Hunter. How could they not? Throughout the trăng tròn episodes of the drama based on a Japanese manga, it was filled with svào emotions & lãng mạn gestures. Romantic to funny moments were played between Lee Min-ho & Park Min-young’s characters. Not surprisingly, in the over, this couple had a lot of supporters in that era (maybe even until today).

City Hunter is an action drama mixed with lãng mạn comedy. The drama focuses on Lee Min-ho’s character named Lee Yoon-sung & the life circumstances that he had to endure after his father passed away shortly after his birth. Carrying his pain, he decided to lớn join the National Communications Team of the Blue House (Korean Presidential House) where he meets Kyên ổn Na Na (Park Min-young) who is unaware of the great bond that unites them both.

Lee Min-ho played the role of Lee Yoon-sung, an MIT graduate who decided to lớn train as a bodyguard at the National Communications Team of the Blue House. Park Min-young played the role of Klặng Na Na, a former Judo athlete, and the Blue House’s secret service agent. With the two characters having the same line of work, they were also meeting constantly & involved in training together.

So, it is no wonder that their characters were engaged in various on-screen moments, from training together until they developed a friendship.


Chechồng out the compilation of their on-screen romance in the video below!


And, don’t forget to lớn check out their famous kiss scenes below!


Lee Min-ho & Park Min-young’s Off-Screen Moments


As co-stars & colleagues, Lee Min-ho và Park Min-young were known khổng lồ be close & comfortable on the drama phối. After all, the two have sầu previously acted together in the 2007 film I Am Sam. So, both of them have gotten familiar with each other.

There wasn’t an ounce of awkwardness khổng lồ be found in their interactions. Even when shooting the heart-thumping kiss scene, the two managed lớn laugh after the scene was over.

They also liked to lớn chat with each other during the filming of the drama.

They even joked with each other just lượt thích in a drama. They looked so natural both as on-screen & off-screen friends!

Lee Min-ho and Park Min-young Break Up


Sadly, only after a few months of their public relationship, the couple announced their breakup in January 2012. The reason for their breakup was due khổng lồ their busy schedules. It was said that the breakup was even some time before the announcement date. People began to put pieces together after the two decided khổng lồ attkết thúc different year-end ceremonies. Park Min-young decided to attend the KBS Drama Awards & Lee Min-ho attended the SBS Drama Awards.

“It’s been a while since they saw each other. It was really embarrassing for her to lớn just go và reveal their break-up, and she didn’t want khổng lồ put her agency in a sticky situation. So, she held the news a little longer,” a source from Park Min-young’s agency revealed.

“Also, because of her busy schedule, it was almost impossible for her to even rest. She had khổng lồ film KBS’s Glorious Jane while Lee Min-ho was busy with his activities overseas và CFs. We knew that both were really busy khổng lồ even catch up with each other,” the source added.

After the agencies tried to contact both actors, the news was finally confirmed.

A source from Lee Min-ho’s agency revealed, “Lee Min-ho & Park Min-young are bachồng to lớn just being friends and have indeed parted ways.”

“The news of their breakup is the truth,” Park Min-young’s representative sầu said. “Although both stars met during the filming of hit drama City Hunter where their feelings for each other grew, their busy schedules kept them from seeing each other often. It seems that they naturally grew apart,” the rep added.

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Many K-drama fans were saddened by the news. After all, the two seemed lượt thích a match made in heaven. But, that’s just the way it is, and life still resumed for the former couple.